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SK-HD1000 Handheld HDTV Production Camera

SK-HD1000 with SA-1000 Large lens Adapter

Hitachi’s State-of-the-art, high-performance, multi-standard, multi-format Studio and Field HDTV production camera

It is fully RoHS compliant and designed as a full-feature, purpose-specific TV Program production camera.

It features high sensitivity, high-resolution, low noise 2/3-inch, 1920(H) x 1080(V) pixel IT-CCDs, in a lightweight 2-piece dockable camera body that offers maximum re-configuration ability.

One model for use world-wide with 1080/59,94i, 1080/50i switching

The CCU outputs are: 1080i or 720p, (switchable). PAL or NTSC, analog and digital.

Specifications & Features:

• 1,100 TVL of resolution

• F10standard sensitivity

• 60dB HDTV Signal to Noise ratio

• 14-bit analog to digital conversion

• High-performance Hitachi DSPs.

• High quality SDTV NTSC/PAL output down-converted at the CCU.

• Flawless signal transmission using Digital Optical Fiber cable transmission or Hitachi-patented Fully Digital Triax System.

• The complete camera system operates directly with inexpensive SM fiber installations.

• Small form-factor Master Setup Unit SU-1000.

• Choice of 2 different CCUs.

• Half-rack CU/TU-HD1000 or Full rack CU-HD500

• CU/TU-HD1000 available with switchable 1080i/720P HD-SDI switchable outputs.

• Camera and CCU switch between 50/60Hz field rates for use with world-wide TV systems.

• CCU HD-SDI outputs with embedded audio (2-chnl)

• Choice of various joystick or rotary-type operation panels.

• Compatible with Canon and Fujinon Auto-Focus lenses.

• SD memory card system for offline storage and transfer of all setup data.

• 4x1x2 return signal switching system.

• 2 independent intercom channels compatible with Clear-com and RTS, 4w/2w systems.

• 2 independent program returns (IFB’s) w/ incom mix.

Flexible Studio Viewfinder Options

• 5-inch CRT B&W VF-HD500

• 9-inch high resolution Color LCD VF-L9HD

• 8-inch lower cost Color LCD VF-HP840

• 2-inch high resolution b/w CRT (16:9) VF-402

• CCU Return signal inputs can be HD or SD, analog or digital.

• Focus Assist function displays linear bar indicator.

• 5 cameraperson programmable user-file memories for crosshairs, pointers, safety zones, raster aspect VF detail, 2 zebras, etc.

Advanced video control functions:

• Full camera control over your TCP/IP network with Off-the-shelf inexpensive routing/switching equipment.

• Hybrid TCP/IP networked control is also available for existing customers with the use of our JU-1000.

• Independent control of HD & SDTV detail and masking.

• Full automatic setup using Gray Scale.

• Auto-setup of vertical modulation shading.

• Direct data transfer from control panels or memory card.

• HD signal linear masking & multi-vector color painting separate from SD signal outputs.

• 12-color vector adjustments

• Linear masking

• Flesh-tone masking

• Color saturation

• Flesh-tone detail with 2 memories & auto-setup

• Full detail signal parameter controls for HD signal separate from the SD signal outputs.

• Knee saturation

• Detail Knee function.

• High-chroma detail

• Auto-knee

• Contrast

• Black stretch/ Black Press

• Ultra-Gamma

• Preset gamma tables for accurate reproduction of dark areas.

• 35W head power consumption without camera adapter and viewfinder.

• Genlock with analog VBS or HD Tri-level sync.

Optional configurations offered:

CW-HD1000 Digital OFDM Wireless

CRP2-HD Solid-State Field Production Camera System

• Digital Triax HDTV transmission

SK-HD1000 Studio/ Field Configuration with 9-inch Color TFT-LCD Viewfinder

SK-HD1000 Studio/Field Configuration with 5-inch B&W Viewfinder

SK-HD1000 Camera Head with Optical or Digital Triax cable adapter

TUCX-HD1000 Digital Triax Camera Control Unit – front view

TUCX-HD1000 Digital Triax Camera Control Unit – rear view

NEW Remote Control Panels

RU-1500JY/ RU-1500VR

Remote Control Panels

RU-3400VR, RU-3400JY

Multiple Camera Setup Unit


CR-P2 Dockable P2 HDTV field recorder


SK-HD1000 Brochure (2,593KB)

CW-HD1000 Digital OFDM Wireless System (372KB)

System Components Operation Manuals

SK-HD1000 Operation Manual (7,422KB)

CU-HD500 Operation Manual (2,845KB)

CU-HD1000 Operation Manual (2,500KB)

CW-HD1000 Operation Manual (1,277KB)

TUCX-HD1000 Operation Manual (2,618KB)

RU-1000VR Operation Manual (2,039KB)

RU-3400 Operation Manual (1,195KB)

JU-1000 Operation Manual (1,245KB)

SA-1000 Operation Manual (3,322KB)

SU-1000 Operation Manual (798KB)

VF-L9HD Operation Manual (204KB)

VF-HD500 Operation Manual (240KB)