SK-HD1200 Handheld HDTV Production Camera

The NEW SK-HD1200 is Hitachi’s top-of-the-line portable HDTV Studio and EFP camera. Outstanding images are acquired by three(R,G,B) 2.3 million pixel UAIT (Ultra-Advanced) 1080-line progressive CCDs. Hitachi’s implementation of the most advanced digital processing technology available assure low-noise, high dynamic range pictures. The HD signal generated by the new sensors, processed by 38-bit Hitachi DSP’s, transported via our digital fiber optic system and output as SMPTE-424M SDI are 3Gbps throughout. The utmost attention to picture fidelity has been painstakingly implemented in this new camera series assuring the best return-on-investment qualities of any HDTV production camera system on the market.

Reasons to buy!

  • NEW 2/3-inch, 1080/60p, progressively scanned, (Ultra-Advanced) UAIT-CCDs.
  • 1,100TVL standard resolution
  • >60dB signal to noise ratio (1080/60p without noise reduction)
  • 38-bit per pixel per R,G,B channel Hitachi 40nm digital processing technology
  • 3Gbps HD-SDI signal handling from end-to-end.
  • Switchable between progressive and interlaced signal processing, transport and outputs.
  • Multi-format global design outputs signals applicable to most TV broadcast and production standards.
  • Transparent signal transmission and camera power is achieved by the use of SMPTE-311M hybrid optical fiber cable with up to 3Km (~9,842ft.) of operation distance.
  • The camera system can operate with SMPTE-311M hybrid fiber cable or common-off-the-shelf single-mode (with external camera head power). SM fiber can be used up to 10Km (~33,000ft.) without external adapters, accessories or modifications.
  • The camera system can use an optical routing system to connect multiple camera heads to any number of CCUs thus, simplifying and lowering the cost of large camera systems’ interconnect.
  • NEW control panels (SU-1000 and RU-1500 series) can control a camera in a group of 128 when connected via the TCP/IP camera control network.
  • NEW camera control unit (CCU) CU-1200 and existing models can be addressed and controlled via a common TCP/IP data network.
  • Dual 1080/60i camera head operation allows 2 camera heads to be connected to/ controlled by 1 CCU. Both camera head outputs are independently provided at the output of the CCU. (3D production applications).
  • Dual 5-position motorized filter wheel is optionally available.
  • Low power 24W consumption (camera head + lens + optical cable adapter)
  • 2-piece dockable design improves maintenance and equipment availability.
  • Choice of 3 different joystick or rotary-type and with LCD-display operation panels
  • Prompter and talent monitor power and video outputs available at the camera head.
  • Independent HD-SDI VF output for crane or Jib installations.
  • VF Focus assist (VF Area marker, Focus indicator and gauge)
  • 9-inch high resolution LCD Color viewfinder (VF-L9HD)
  • 5-inch high resolution B/W CRT (4:3) viewfinder, VF-HD500 for EFP use
  • 2-inch high resolution B/W CRT (16:9) VF-402E for ENG use
  • Compatibility with all Fujinon Precision Focus lenses.
  • Digital optical extender function
  • 2 independent CCU Return signals, inputs can be HD (HD-SDI single or dual link) or SD, analog or digital selectable
  • Full automatic setup using Gray Scale.
  • Digital registration or lens’ lateral chromatic aberration adjustment.
  • Direct data transfer from SU or SD memory cards used at camera head and control panels.
  • HD signal linear masking & 12-vector color painting.
  • Independent control of HD & SDTV detail
  • Ultra Gamma (Selectable Gamma table with 7 presets).
  • Black stretch/ black press.
  • Preset Masking (6 settings: DEFAULT, ITU-709, SMPTE-240M, SMPT-WIDE, NTSC, EBU).
  • 2 channels Flesh-tone masking and multiple memories Flesh-tone detail correction settings.
  • Knee saturation and Knee detail functions.
  • Real-time and offline diagnostic system with character display superimposed on PIX video output.
  • Accepts Analog VBS/BBS or HD Tri-level sync as genlock.


Imaging Device

Progressive Scan ( 3X - RGB ) 2/3-inch, 16:9, 2.3 M Pixel. Ultra-Advanced, micro-lens IT-CCD,

Effective Pixels

1,920 (H) X 1,080 (V)


1080p:F8 @2000lx, 3200K, 89.9% reflectance
1080i :F10 @2000lx, 3200K, 89.9% reflectance


60dB (typical)


Horizontal: 1100 TV Lines, Vertical: 1000 lines (at center)

Depth of modulation

1080p:55% ( typical ) ( 800TV Lines at center, 27.5 MHz )
1080i :60% ( typical ) ( 800TV Lines at center, 27.5 MHz )

Digital Signal Processing

38-bit maximum, switchable between 1080/60p and 1080/60i

Power consumption

Camera head 26 W Head only ( without VF, lens )

Operating temperature

-10ºC to +45ºC, 14ºF to 113ºF


133 (W) x 191 (H) x 262 (D) mm


2.2kg, 4.8lbs. Camera head


SK-HD1200 Brochure (1,389Kb)

Camera System Accessories

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Control Panels

SU-1000: Setup Unit for 12 cameras, expandable to 128 cameras. Provides access to all camera operation and adjustment parameters.

RU-1500VR/JY: Advanced Remote Unit with color touch-screen and network control for demanding production environments.

RU-1200VR/JY: Remote Unit for all Hitachi HDTV cameras. Available with Joystick M.Black and Iris or Knob controls.

Camera Control Units (CCU’s)

CU-HD1200: 3Gbps, Multi-format digital CCU for use with SK-HD1200 and SK-HD2200.
(Operation Manual coming soon!)

CU-HD1000: Fiber-optic cable digital CCU for use with CA-HF1000 hybrid fiber cable adapter and with all Hitachi HDTV cameras

Studio Adapter

SA-1000: Heavy-duty large lens adapter and system expansion unit for studio and field production. Designed for use with all Hitachi HTDV portable cameras


VF-402 2 inch B/W ENG viewfinder
(Operation manual provided with camera head’s)

VF-HD500 5 inch 4:3 CRT HD viewfinder

VF-L9HD 9-inch LCD (16:9) Color viewfinder

Product Image Gallery

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SK-HD1200, CA-HF100, VF-L9HD, AT-951

SK-HD1200, CA-HF100, VF-HD500, AT-500

SK-HD1200, CA-HF100, VF-402

SK-HD1200, CA-HF1000, SA-1000, LM-C1000, VF-L9HD, AT-951

SK-HD1200, CA-HF1000, SA-1000, LM-F1000, VF-L9HD, AT-951

SK-HD1200, CA-HF1000, SA-1000, LM-P1000, VF-L9HD, AT-951