Taking the Long View of Video in the Worship Experience

Taking the Long View of Video in the Worship Experience

Published 5/1/2021

When COVID-19 first struck in March 2020, houses of worship around the country were forced to shut down their in-person worship services. This caused many churches that did not already have a strong, vibrant video production and streaming operation to launch online streaming to serve—and preserve—their congregations.

For some churches, streaming live services during the pandemic may have been their first foray into the video production realm. But, as congregants begin returning to in-person services, this may be an opportunity to consider additional ways that video can be used in the ministry—such as, within the sanctuary.

If this sounds like your church, maybe you’d like to begin shooting services from different angles using multiple cameras rather than just a single static camera. Or maybe you’d like to put up IMAG displays at the front of the worship center to allow congregants to see the service—including the pastor, speakers, and musical performers—more clearly. And, since some parishioners may have grown to prefer the convenience of online participation, perhaps you’d like to improve the quality of your streaming experience.

Today’s Worship Techs and AVL Managers need to consider whether their low-cost cameras can support these expanded creative and technical production challenges. At Hitachi Kokusai, we believe that an optimal video acquisition workflow is one that effectively handles the following challenges:

  • Avoiding video artifacts, video banding and noise from appearing due to video cameras catching the IMAG in the shot
  • Preventing visual artifacts from impairing media stream quality
  • Handling theatrical or dynamically changing lighting levels
  • Employing proven, robust broadcast-grade video imaging that can scale as needs grow
  • Keeping video operations streamlined and simple for volunteers to operate

While video keeps people engaged and attentive, poor video quality can jolt them from their otherwise blissful, immersive experience. If your organization opted for inexpensive camera solutions simply to get an online stream going quickly, you may now be finding that these cameras can’t adequately support your needs as your video horizons expand.

High-performance camera systems from Hitachi Kokusai can provide everything you need—exceptional imaging, dynamic range, rich toolsets, and user-friendly features—to capture and stream imagery that wows. Check out our white paper, “Streaming Success Starts with the Camera,” to learn how upgrading to broadcast-class camera systems from Hitachi can improve your live video production endeavors—both for those within the sanctuary and for those watching on online or mobile devices—for a more effective media ministry.