The Benefits of Hitachi Camera Setup from Ross DashBoard

The Benefits of Hitachi Camera Setup from Ross DashBoard

Published 6/1/2021

Producing sports, news, and other live special events for broadcast or streaming can be quite complex, involving a myriad of third-party video devices working in tandem as a single system. In cases where this complexity taxes the manpower of the crew, productions can streamline equipment setup and other operations using DashBoard software from Ross Video.

This free app streamlines the remote set-up, control, and monitoring of Ross equipment, as well as dozens of manufacturers known as Connect Partners. One such partner is Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, which like Ross, is committed to advancing and streamlining the live broadcast and production workflow.

Hitachi users use DashBoard to access and set-up camera controls remotely via a browser-based graphical user interface (GUI) using either a touchscreen or keyboard. While DashBoard was designed for a broader application—to control Ross video equipment, such as their Carbonite switchers and/or robotic camera control systems—it doesn’t require the use of any Ross equipment.

Hitachi’s support for DashBoard is particularly advantageous because it’s commonplace across the broadcast and production spectrum to see Ross switchers paired with Hitachi cameras. This is especially true for applications such as:

  • Producing game day entertainment at sports arenas
  • Training students at universities and colleges
  • Producing local TV newscasts
  • Shooting and streaming services at Houses of worship

For these customers using both Ross Video and Hitachi equipment, having the ability to setup all of these systems from the DashBoard interface is especially convenient and efficient. As an open, browser-based app, DashBoard can be downloaded for free onto a PC, Mac, or Linux computer. Although, running it on a connected tablet gives operators greater mobility and flexibility in managing remote or geographically dispersed equipment.

In our next blog, we’ll further explore the operational benefits of Ross DashBoard for remote set-up of our cameras, as well as how it complements our own line of hardware-based remote-control panels. To learn more about remote set-up of Hitachi cameras, visit our Video Gallery. And for more info and a free download of DashBoard software, visit the Ross Video website.