Blog Post: Will You Be Ready When the Music Returns?

Will You Be Ready When the Music Returns?

As life gets back to normal following the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re looking forward to the return of community gatherings. For worship centers, this means hosting congregants in the sanctuary again, not just streaming services to them. It means sharing the moment, hearing soaring hymns and sermons, and watching inspirational video and lyrics on large-format displays.

As you reopen your doors, are you confident that you can give your congregants the immersive media experience they expect and enjoy? In our first of many blogs, we at Hitachi Kokusai hope to showcase the role that high-quality video acquisition plays in creating and capturing memorable, live video-rich worship experiences while providing valuable practical tips you can use. (If you’re a broadcaster, live event producer, corporate communicator, educator, or other video professional, don’t worry – we’ll have plenty of posts coming up for you too!).

Many media-savvy churches are already delivering a sophisticated media experience to their in-person attendees and online viewers, while others have high aspirations to do so. For large congregations, the sanctuary may be a big auditorium with live band performances, inspirational speakers, on-stage LED displays, theatrical lighting and house sound. These churches typically use multiple cameras to shoot dynamic videos of their services from visually appealing vantage points.

If, however, they’re using LED screens for IMAG or visual accents and the cameras are shooting towards those screens, the resulting video can be marred by banding and other distracting artifacts. That’s why Hitachi has perfected advanced, yet cost-effective camera systems designed to not only capture stellar images, but also leading-edge global shutter sensors that eliminate potential issues whenever shooting in LED-enhanced environments.

In our upcoming blogs, we’ll look at game-changing tips and topics such as:

  • What is a camera system?
  • Simplifying camera cabling infrastructure
  • How global shutter technology optimizes acquisition in spaces with LED video displays
  • Remote camera set-up and control
  • Shooting in low-light conditions
  • Preserving image quality when streaming

Be sure to check out our upcoming blogs and visit our Video Gallery to learn more valuable insights to ensure that your inspired videos always deliver a quality experience.