DK-H200 HDTV Progressive Scan Camera


Hitachi’s DK-H200 compact box camera is our top-of-the-line multi-format progressive scan HDTV camera. Outstanding images are acquired by three 2/3” 2.6 megapixel MOS imagers. With High Dynamic Range, the DK-H200 is the functional and picture equivalent of the SK-HD1300. Hitachi’s implementation of the most advanced digital processing technology provides high sensitivity and low-noise pictures. The HD signal is generated by our newest UAIT (Ultra-Advanced) MOS imagers. The DK-H200 is progressive scan throughout the entire camera and outputs 720p, 1080p SDI.

Features & Functions

  • High Dynamic Range with selectable HDR profiles
  • NEW 2/3-inch, 1080/60p, progressively scanned, (Ultra-Advanced) UAIT-MOS sensors.
  • 1,100TVL standard resolution
  • F12 sensitivity @2000 lx
  • 60dB signal to noise ratio (1080/60p without noise reduction)
  • 3Gbps progressive HD-SDI signal handling from end-to-end.
  • Optional single-mode fiber interconnectivity available for long distance transmission.
  • Network-ready w/ RJ45 & IP control
  • HDTV SDI signal outputs.
  • Monitor output (menu operation)
  • Gen-lock input
  • Switchable frame rate between 59.94Hz and 50Hz.
  • Deliver different formats on each of the camera’s dual, 3Gbps-capable HD-SDI outputs.
  • Remotely controlled optical filter wheel & 5-value ECC filters.
  • Low power consumption (<17W)
  • Lightweight <1.5Kg (w/o lens)
  • Auto Exposure System, Auto Gain Control, Auto Iris, and full-time Auto White Balance.
  • Advanced color correction, Ultra-Gamma response, focus assist
  • Linear masking
  • Manual and auto Skin tone detail & masking
  • Knee saturation & Auto-knee
  • Variable detail boost frequency
  • Programmable video gain settings
  • Gray scale auto setup
  • Auto setup lens white shading
  • Six preset electronic shutter speeds
  • Lock scan mode allows flicker-free pickup of a screen display having a different scanning frequency than the Camera.
  • AES – Automatic Electronic Shutter maintains exposure with fixed F-stop.
  • Employs high-end RU-1500 series control panels from SK-HDTV camera series.
  • Bi-directional data transfer
  • Auxiliary connector for external control
  • Pre-programmed files also allow the user to adjust Detail, Masking, knee, and more.
  • SU-1000/ RU-1500 remote panels can control via the TCP/IP camera control network.

Camera System Accessories

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Control Panels

SU-1000: Master Setup Unit for 12 cameras, expandable to 128 cameras. Provides access to all camera operation and adjustment parameters.

RU-1500VR/JY: Advanced Remote Unit with color touch-screen and network control

Free Ross Dashboard Graphical User Interface (GUI).
Connects to all CCUs that have a RJ-45 connection.

RU-1000: Small form-factor, basic remote control panel.

Additional System Accessories

KXWell Pan/Tilt items Box Cameras


Low Cost, Box Camera Pan/Tilt Package:
KT-PH491 Pan/Tilt + KT-RP-8810 Basic Control Panel
For use with Canon KTS or Fujinon BMD full analog servo lenses


High Performance Genio Pan/Tilt Package:
KT-PD40BH (Genio) Pan/Tilt + KT-RP8910 Advanced Control Panel
For use with Canon KTS or Fujinon BMD full analog servo lenses


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