Z-HD6000 HDTV Studio, Field Production Camera


High Performance HD Production Camera

HITACHI’s Z-HD6000 is our lowest cost, full 1920 X 1080 HDTV camera system. Utilizing HITACHI’s latest generation 2.6 mega-pixel 2/3” MOS image sensors, it has all the popular functions and features of the current camera line. Advanced specifications include F12 standard sensitivity with over 60dB signal to noise and Real-time Lens Aberration Correction (RLAC). Its lightweight, two-piece dockable camera body offers maximum re-configuration ability with a choice of compact digital fiber transmission system or Hitachi’s patented digital Triax system. The Z-HD6000 includes High Dynamic Range with selectable profiles and triple-masking functions providing users with wide latitude in image control.

Features & Functions

  • Imager: 3x [RGB], 2/3-inch, MOS
  • NEW 2/3-inch, 1080/60i, interlace scan, (Ultra-Advanced) UAIT-MOS sensors
  • Resolution: 1100TVL
  • Standard Sensitivity: F12 @ 60fps
  • Signal to Noise: >60dB
  • Vertical Smear: None
  • Camera cable: Either SMPTE fiber optic or triax cable
  • High Dynamic Range with 3 selectable profiles.
  • High quality SD output down-converted at the CCUs.
  • Flawless signal transmission using SMPTE Digital Optical Fiber cable.
  • Optional Digital Triax System is available.
  • The camera system can operate directly with SM fiber installations.
  • Optional CU-HD1300 and CU-HD550 CCU’s available with 1080p/1080i/720p.
  • CCU HD-SDI outputs with embedded audio (2-channel)
  • Standard remote is the RU-1000 rotary knob for iris/master black control.
  • Choice of 4 different optional remote operation panels.
  • Compatible with Canon and Fujinon Auto-Focus lenses.
  • SD memory card system for offline storage & transfer of all setup data.
  • Prompter power and 4 input VF return signal switching system.
  • 2 intercom channels compatible with Clear-com and RTS, 4w/2w
  • 2 independent program returns (IFB’s) w/ intercom mix.
  • Optional Master Setup Unit SU-1000 with IP network connectivity.
  • Ross Dashboard™ networked camera control


  • Available Studio Adapter for use with all Broadcast box, compact studio and hand-held 2/3-inch bayonet lenses.
  • Cable-less Studio Adapter interface allows maintenance and trouble free operation and reliability.
  • 2-piece dockable design allows easy configuration change, maintenance and robustness.
  • Maintains backwards compatibility with existing HITACHI HDTV control panels, cables, and viewfinders.
  • Ethernet control and assignment of control panels and CCUs.
  • Can operate over Single Mode Fiber (SMF) without expensive converters.

Camera System Accessories

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Camera Control Units

CU-HD1300-(X) Multiple camera cable capability. Connections for SMPTE fiber and/or Triax camera cable. Model number suffix: (F-Fiber, FT-Fiber/Triax, T-Triax)

Select configurations of the CU-HD1300-(X) are available on all new CCUs.
1) Upscaled 4K/UHD output, compatible with SMPTE fiber or triax cable. Dual 12G and Quad Link outputs.
2) ST 2110 Media over IP (MoIP). When connected, any Hitachi HD broadcast camera can deliver IP-based transport.

The SMPTE fiber CU-HD550 works with all Hitachi Z & SK cameras. Using a 1080 progressive camera creates a Full HD (1080p60) system. An optional 12G SDI upconverted 4K output is available.

CU-HD500 SMPTE Optical Fiber CCU. Factory configured for either 1080i/480i or 720p/480i.


Control Panels

SU-1000: Master Setup Unit for 12 cameras, expandable to 128 cameras. Provides access to all camera operation and adjustment parameters.

RU-1500VR/JY: Advanced Remote Unit with color touch-screen and network control for demanding, live production environments.

Free Ross Dashboard Graphical User Interface (GUI).
Connects to all CCUs that have a RJ-45 connection.

RU-1000: Small form-factor, basic remote control panel.

Large Lens Adapter

SA-1000: Heavy-duty, large box lens adapter and system expansion unit for studio and field production. Designed for use with all Hitachi HTDV portable cameras.



VF-L20HD 2-inch LCD viewfinder. Built-in heater reduces display lag in cold weather.

VF-701HDA 7” High resolution LCD viewfinder. Uses AT-500 or AT-90 mount.

VF-PBM-307 7 inch LCD color HD viewfinder
AT-500/AT-90 and AT-750 mounts and VC-90A cable

HDF-700H S1-S2 7 inch LCD color HD viewfinder.
AT-750 mount with cable

VF-L90HD 9 inch High Resolution LCD color HD viewfinder
AT-951 mount with cable


Additional System Accessories

KXWell Pan/Tilt Systems for Studio Cameras


High Performance, Z and SK Studio Camera Pan/Tilt Package:
KT-PH695A1 Pan/Tilt + KT-RP8910 Advanced Control Panel
For use with Canon KTS or Fujinon BMD full analog servo lenses


High Performance Studio and Box Camera Pan/Tilt Package:
KT-PD50BS Pan/Tilt + KT-RP-8810 Basic Control Panel
For use with Canon KTS or Fujinon BMD full analog servo lenses


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Operation Manuals

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