Hitachi’s high sensitive NTSC or PAL, ½” CCD sensor, C-mount, 580 lines, Day-Night, NIR, Fog Mitigation, DNR camera, for long range applications with auto-focus and high resolution

Crucial Imaging Division Long Range Imaging Solutions

Securing borders and critical infrastructure is vital to countries sovereignty and to the well-being of its citizens and corporations alike. Hitachi Kokusai Electric America Ltd. has been providing high quality and reliable surveillance camera systems, and assisting governments in the protection of their boundaries, coastlines, and vitally important structures since 1967.

Further, Hitachi is a leading supplier to OEMs and System Integrators, supplying sub assembly electro optical solutions. Our unique electro optical systems have the ability to detect human sized targets at over 20 kilometers away. Hitachi’s Crucial Imaging camera product line meets stringent requirements for numerous applications, in a variety of environmental and atmospheric conditions.

Hitachi Environmental Enclosures are manufactured to stringent Military specification

Hitachi’s ultimate High Definition, EM-CCD OR CCD Day-Night camera systems inside Hitachi’s Turn-key MIL/Std 810 Environmental Housing Unit – designed for specific high demand applications and performance requirements.