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american headquarters
Southwick, MA Headquarters

Hitachi Kokusai Electric America, Ltd. is highly focused in the professional video industry on emerging technology. Our DSP-based products and chip technology are widely used by several industries.

Hitachi has been in existence for 80 years and has always continued to grow and diversify. We have been providing professional broadcast and production video products for over 50 years in the Americas. The Hitachi Group commits about $4 billion each year to research and development of new products and we receive the largest number of world patents per year based on the work of our R&D Architects.

We take pride in delivering broadcast cameras to our customers worldwide. We are committed to providing the best value and quality in our products and solutions.

Hitachi Kokusai Electric America provides products and solutions specializing in Broadcasting, Industrial, Crucial Imaging and Television transmitter Industries.

Product Lines


Hitachi Kokusai Electric America has introduced new, advanced HD, UHD and 8K camera systems and we continue to develop these products. Our DSP based products and chip technology are widely used throughout several industries and by other companies.


We have been providing surveillance camera systems, helping Governments protect their Borders, coast lines and critical infrastructure since 1967. We are also a leading supplier to OEMs & System Integrators, supplying sub assembly electro-optical solutions.


For over 45 years Hitachi-Comark has been a trusted partner to TV broadcasters. We are an industry leading manufacturer and supplier of high power DTV Transmitters, encoding systems, and associated field services.


Within Hitachi's Industrial Video Systems Division (IVS), we provide camera technology built for the future needs of our customers in machine vision/ factory automation, microscopy/ medical, audio visual, security and more. We work closely with industrial video imaging professionals to develop innovative solutions to their system designs.

Phone Numbers

Broadcast & Professional Sales: Call Ken Cyr direct at (516) 682-4445.
Call Bob Johnston direct at (330) 334-4115.
Call Sean Moran direct at (516) 682-4431.
Broadcast & Professional Service: Call Chee Liew direct at (516) 682-4410.
Call Charles Cubbin direct at (714) 624-5268.
Crucial Imaging Sales Call Sean Moran direct at (516) 682-4431.
Industrial Video Sales Call Bob Johnston direct at (330) 334-4115.
Customer Service Call Michele Hamilton direct at (516) 682-4427.
Call Nora Hisgen direct at (516) 682-4416.
Accounting: Call Holly Leavitt direct at (516) 682-4403.
Warehouse Call Rich Galante direct at (516) 682-4436.