Hitachi Kokusai Blog: Production in Focus

Hitachi Kokusai Blog: Production in Focus

Welcome to the Hitachi Kokusai camera blog. Here, we will explore camera and video production trends and technologies across markets ranging from broadcast and live events to education and houses of worship. Our first posts will focus on the church market, but check back often as we expand our scope to include all the markets our products serve.

Moving Uncompressed Video over IP with ST 2110

Published 10/15/2021

The SMPTE ST 2110 standard defines specifications for transporting Media over standard IP (MoIP) networks. Unlike the SDI networks that have dominated television infrastructure, ST 2110 enables greater scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. Learn more about the benefits of ST 2110.

Focus on Lenses for Broadcast TV

Published 10/1/2021

The marketplace offers a wide range of standard B4-mount broadcast lenses for studio, sports, and newsgathering in resolutions up to 4K/UHD and even 8K. Discover the key attributes of high-end broadcast lenses and how they can benefit your live TV and streaming productions.

Standardized B4 Lens Mounts Promote Greater Flexibility

Published 9/15/2021

The B4 lens mount standardized the way lenses are affixed to broadcast camera systems, including the mechanical, optical, and electrical connections, ensuring proper positioning and alignment. Discover the operational flexibility the revolutionary B4 lens mount affords our industry.

HDR’s Bigger Bang for the Buck

Published 9/1/2021

Properly converting between High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) formats is a complex process that must be managed effectively at all stages from acquisition through distribution. Discover how skillful strategies and HDR friendly systems can help.

Dispelling The Myths About HDR

Published 8/15/2021

High Dynamic Range, or HDR, brings out greater detail in video subjects obscured by extremely dark or bright conditions, while making colors more vivid. Discover the truth about HDR and why it outshines SDR in both HD and 4K.

The Miracle Cure for Live Video Artifacting

Published 8/1/2021

When broadcast cameras offer CMOS Global Shutter image sensors, the video they capture is virtually spared from spatial and temporal artifacts that can mar the viewer experience. Discover how Global Shutter technology can positively impact your next live production.

Test Video Cameras With Your LED Screens Before Buying

Published 7/15/2021

When IMAG LED displays are captured by certain video cameras, the result can be visual artifacts that detract from the viewer experience. Find out the primary cause of these artifacts and why you should test new cameras with your LED screens before buying.

The Strongest Link in the Chain

Published 7/1/2021

When broadcast camera systems are connected to CCUs using SMPTE Fiber, this high-performance, bidirectional network enables a powerful “camera chain” over which video, audio, tally, power, and other critical signals travel. Discover the compelling operational advantages of SMPTE Fiber.

Streamlining Hitachi Camera Productions with Ross DashBoard

Published 6/15/2021

When it comes to remote setup of Hitachi system cameras, video pros can use Hitachi hardware remote control panels or Ross DashBoard software to get the job done. Find out which approach is best for your next live show.

The Benefits of Hitachi Camera Setup from Ross DashBoard

Published 6/1/2021

To save time and effort during live broadcasts or streams, video pros can use Ross DashBoard to remotely set-up select production equipment from a single software interface. Discover the benefits of setting up Hitachi cameras using this free, downloadable app.

Workflow: Where System Cameras Really Shine

Published 5/15/2021

Ever wonder why some cameras are referred to as system cameras? Unlike camcorders and other self-contained cameras, system cameras enable a powerful video acquisition production chain. Discover how your next shoot can benefit from the advanced capabilities of the system camera workflow.

Taking the Long View of Video in the Worship Experience

Published 5/1/2021

Forced to shut down in-person worship services due to COVID-19, many HOWs opted for inexpensive cameras to quickly launch online streaming. Now as doors reopen, Worship Techs may want to reconsider whether these low-cost cameras can adequately support their expanding video operations.

Getting the Big Picture on Streaming Worship Services

Published 4/15/2021

With growing demand for live streaming, many HOWs want to know how best to begin streaming their worship services online. Find out the impact broadcast-quality video acquisition can have on the downstream viewing experience.

Will You Be Ready When the Music Returns?

Published 4/5/2021

As the pandemic winds down, HOWs must be ready to give returning congregants the immersive media experiences they’ve missed. Find out how camera technology can make or break the quality of churches’ IMAG and streams.