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Hitachi Kokusai Blog: Production in Focus

Welcome to the Hitachi Kokusai camera blog. Here, we will explore camera and video production trends and technologies across markets ranging from broadcast and live events to education and houses of worship. Check back often as we expand our scope to include all the markets our products serve.

Hitachi Sets New Standard for Native 4K UHD Picture Quality

Published 5/15/2022

4K UHD is here. So's the Hitachi SK-UHD7000 native 4K professional camera system we debuted at the 2022 NAB Show. Discover how the latest sensors, prism, and advanced digital processing - along with exceptional signal-to-noise capability - give this product its attractive price performance value.

Single Sensor Cameras and the Bayer Filter

Published 2/15/2022

Recently, some single-sensor 'cinema' cameras have been used for special applications in live events. Most single sensor cameras use a Bayer mosaic filter. This is an overview of how color is created from a single sensor camera and the potential tradeoffs.

Camera Supports

Published 2/1/2022

Camera support is usually a pan head mounted on a tripod. But it can include many more products like pan heads, hi hats, jibs, dollies, 'Steadycam' or cable/line systems. Camera support has a wide-range of options, sophistication, applications and costs.

System Camera Adjustments

Published 1/15/2022

Today's system cameras connected to a CCU provide many advantages for live production. These include fiber or triax camera cable connectivity, a variety of I/O signals and a huge selection of standard lenses. There are also a wealth of picture adjustments, which can create and match almost any desired 'look'.

Not Your Grandfather's SDI

Published 12/1/2021

To support UHD's greater bandwidth requirements, SDI formats have been evolving to handle this demanding signal processing and distribution as cost-efficiently as possible. Learn about some of most widely used SDI formats geared to the demands of UHD.

The 10 Must-Haves for Today's Viewfinders

Published 11/15/2021

The quality of viewfinders - small video monitors on cameras - can actually impact the viewer experience, yet little attention is paid to them. Learn the top 10 viewfinder features operators need to properly frame, focus, and control critical picture attributes.

Bridging the SDI and Video over IP Worlds with ST 2110

Published 11/1/2021

The ST 2110 standard transports uncompressed Video over IP, making it a suitable, tech-forward replacement for the SDI video networks that dominate the broadcast industry. Discover how ST 2110 fits within your existing facility.

Moving Uncompressed Video over IP with ST 2110

Published 10/15/2021

The SMPTE ST 2110 standard defines specifications for transporting Media over standard IP (MoIP) networks. Unlike the SDI networks that have dominated television infrastructure, ST 2110 enables greater scalability, flexibility, and cost-efficiency. Learn more about the benefits of ST 2110.

Focus on Lenses for Broadcast TV

Published 10/1/2021

The marketplace offers a wide range of standard B4-mount broadcast lenses for studio, sports, and newsgathering in resolutions up to 4K/UHD and even 8K. Discover the key attributes of high-end broadcast lenses and how they can benefit your live TV and streaming productions.

Standardized B4 Lens Mounts Promote Greater Flexibility

Published 9/15/2021

The B4 lens mount standardized the way lenses are affixed to broadcast camera systems, including the mechanical, optical, and electrical connections, ensuring proper positioning and alignment. Discover the operational flexibility the revolutionary B4 lens mount affords our industry.

HDRs Bigger Bang for the Buck

Published 9/1/2021

Properly converting between High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR) formats is a complex process that must be managed effectively at all stages from acquisition through distribution. Discover how skillful strategies and HDR friendly systems can help.

Dispelling The Myths About HDR

Published 8/15/2021

High Dynamic Range, or HDR, brings out greater detail in video subjects obscured by extremely dark or bright conditions, while making colors more vivid. Discover the truth about HDR and why it outshines SDR in both HD and 4K.