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The SK-UHD7000-S2 is a multi-format HD camera that converts to 4K with an affordable license upgrade option. The upgrade path offers a lower initial purchase point for customers who want high-quality 1080p immediately along with a cost-effective, field-upgradeable path to 4K production, making it a viable investment for houses of worship, live event venues and corporate clients looking toward a 4K future.The SK-UHD7000-S2 delivers spectacular depth modulation, lifelike images, exceptional visual quality, and superior price/performance for live performance applications while providing signal to noise ratio surpassing -62dB on every output. The upgrade license will also integrate new 4K technologies that Hitachi Kokusai develops moving forward, ensuring that customers always receive the latest benefits and features when they upgrade. More Info


Hitachi's next-generation 4K Ultra HD broadcast and live production camera system incorporates three 2/3", global shutter CMOS image sensors. Native 4K sensors enables pristine capture of 3840x2160 UHD video. Expanded spectral range with a new prism design and high-performance sensors enables full-range BT.2020 Wide Color Gamut. More Info


The Z-HD6500 camera’s design supports multiple HD formats to 1080p. Visual quality reaches new heights through a combination of three 2/3-inch CMOS image sensors with global shutter to enable the immaculate, crystal-clear capture of BT.2020 color gamut compliant video. The global shutter technology reduces unwelcome artifacts such as banding and flicker that may occur when capturing video in houses of worship, event centers, and television sets, with LED lighting and large LED displays. The Z-HD6500 also delivers exceptional sensitivity for HD production. The F10 sensitivity of 59.94 frames per second (fps) enables high-quality acquisition in reduced lighting, while a signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) of 62dB delivers super-quiet images. The camera’s sleek, advanced design enables superior color reproduction, while its HDTV workflow enables seamless multi-format productions and supports separate controls for High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Standard Dynamic Range (SDR). More Info


The DK-H200 is the box camera equivalent of the SK-HD1300. With 2.6 megapixel, native 1080p and 3-MOS imagers it provides outstanding sensitivity, resolution and faithful color reproduction. The DK-H200 offers sharper and more detailed images by providing selectable HDR profiles. It's also ideal for graphic stands, point of view and remote observation applications. More Info


The DK-Z50 is Hitachi's most cost-effective, Multi-format, self-contained, Digital Processing HD box camera. It was designed for the new era of production systems that employ advanced robotic pan/tilt/zoom for remote observation. It provides outstanding images from three 2/3-inch IT-CCD image sensors and the latest generation of Hitachi DSP using 14 bit A to D converters. More Info



Full HD (HD-SDI) for Industrial Use. 2.1 mega pixel RGB Beyer. MOS sensor external event trigger for machine vision us. More Info

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