KP-HD2005R-S5 Full HD Camera

This camera has a large 2.38 Mega pixel 1/1.9 (1/2") High Sensitivity MOS Image Sensor. It enables a high-definition, low light image at a frame rate of 29.97/25 fps progressive movement. 

Features & Functions

  • Gamma, Knee, Masking picture adjustment function, Long distance transmission function
    (when used with MU-HD101 multi unit, sold separately), Automatic iris control
  • Full HD video with long distance transmission capability.
  • Camera can transmit full HD image at a long distance utilizing coaxial cable.
    (Specific transmission distance based on type of coaxial cable used)
  • Fog adjust mode deployment
  • Adaptive Fog Reduction (AFR) allows camera to see through fog, dust & smoke real time in both HD & SD modes simultaneously.
  • HD-SDI (and POC)
  • Signal for Auto focus function
  • VD,HD, gate pulse for focus, Y signal and Video output.

Camera System Accessories


Serial lens interface. Improved auto focus speed and accuracy for a wide range of zoom lenses


Heat haze and motion stabilizer option.


Lenses: C or CS mount lenses.
Most compatible model lenses:
D60x16.7SR4DE-V23S (Fujinon)
D60x16.7SR4FE-ZP3C (Fujinon)
FH32x15.6SR4A-CV1 (Fujinon)
MZ38x4179DPFIR-H (ADL)
MZ40x2751DPFIR-H (ADL)