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The new KP-HD3005G camera features a newly developed CMOS Global Shutter with a 2.13 mega-pixel (effective) imager. Video output is Full HD (1080p60). Multiformat scan rates (59.94p/50p/29.97p/25p). Output connection is the industry standard 3G HD-SDI.

CMOS Sensors have been Rolling Shutter until recently. CMOS Rolling Shutter Sensors artifacts include: SPATIAL distortion of fast-moving objects that include skew, jello effect, chopping or bending of the output image. TEMPORAL artifacts for pixel-based displays show as flicker and banding.

Fast movement such as a jet plane, drone or rocket is typically blurred with Rolling Shutter image sensors. Using high speed electronic shutters does not change the long, sequential acquisition time of Rolling Shutter and still shows artifacts.

KP-HD3005G is the new, improved addition to the popular KP-HD2005R-S5 that continues to stay in the product line. The Form factor matches the KP-HD2005R-S5, so camera upgrades are easy. The camera is compact at only 2X2X4 inches.

Features & Functions

  • Imager: 2/3 inch CMOS
  • Effective pixels: 1944 x 1098 2.13 M pixels.
  • Scan types: 1080p60, 1080i, 720p60
  • Resolution: 800TVL
  • Standard C-mount lens permits use of a wide range of long zoom lenses.
  • CMOS sensor produces HD pictures at 30/25 fps, progressive scan output.
  • Ultra low-light capability at 0.015 lux (color, F1.2, AGC 75dB, gamma high, SEN UP:OFF).
  • More than 60dB S/N (HD-SDI & VBS outputs, AGC 0dB, detail -128, Gama OFF).
  • Ultra-high sensitivity (.0001 lux B& W) NIR Sensor Technology
  • Focus output function. When used with Hitachi's new, improved IF-PCB interface dramatically improves zoom lens Auto Focus speed & accuracy
  • Single cable connectivity for power, video and control via remote connector

Camera System Accessories


Serial lens interface, auto focus speed and accuracy for a wide range of zoom lenses


Advanced serial lens interface, improved auto focus speed and accuracy for a wide range of zoom lenses


Heat haze mitigation board